Good Byes, Niigata Again, And Minshuku, oh my

I haven’t uploaded pictures from the past few weeks, but when I do, they’ll be here: My Flickr. Look in the Niigata, End of Semester and “Japan Phone Cam” sets for the most recent pictures.

It’s been an exciting past few weeks (actually, I don’t know when I last updated about the activities here). First off, finals went off with out a hitch, but that’s stupid. I hate finals. I wish school was more about learning and less about testing.

Unfortunately, the end of finals means that most of the people in the program, especially the ones that didn’t suck a lot, went home – and my life is a bit different. It’s no longer class every night and playtime every day.

No, I got a job. I work from 9:30-5:30 at a law office here – apparently a famous one for patent and trademark work. On Mondays, I’ll be teaching Introduction to American Law – I’m most excited (many of you know that I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to become a professor or something, so being able to teach an actual class about law is quite wonderful. Wednesday nights I have regular classes – in order to keep my visa, I need to take at least one class at Temple Law, so I’m taking Conflicts of Law, which was something I was going to take in the USA, so I hope it will be interesting.

I also made it back to Niigata, which I may have already mentioned, courtesy of Pinky-san and his wife and their children and friends. I did a little bit of hiking, a lot of eating and drinking, and a bit of rice planting in the rain.

I also had the rare opportunity to get an ear infection. Huzzah!

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