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Quick Update

So, I’ve been busy with work and school and teaching and travelling and clerkship applications and looking for jobs, but here’s a short quick update: Went to Nikko, hiked, went to onsen, saw pretty temples and shrines with ROOMMATE ANDY … Continue reading

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Yarr, Pirate Property

So, I’ve been teaching as an adjunct professor at Temple University Japan. Last night, I was teaching about kinds of personal property, and how to acquire it. All of a sudden, it came to treasure trove. So what did I … Continue reading

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Japanese Medicine

Okay, you may think Japan has good medicine. Their schools are supposed to be good, they’re a modern country with lots of Science and Technology and Stuff. Unfortunately, maybe that’s true if you’re Japanese, but I just spent the past … Continue reading

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Things in Japan II: Japanese Television

Japanese Television is bizarre. Today, I woke up, and turned on the television, and there was a news report about living in a soccer ball. That’s right, in a soccer ball. It’s world cup time, so of course Japanese people … Continue reading

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