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A Few More Weeks

Ah…well, it’s coming down to that time – I only have a few more weeks left here in Japan before I have to return to the USA and the tragic life of the law student. Specifically, the 3L law student, … Continue reading

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Abandoned Subways

Ever since watching TMNT, I’ve been fascinated by abandoned subways in various cities. I actually got hop in one in Boston once, but it was more of the cleaned out kind. I know there are a lot of abandoned stations … Continue reading

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Gez Fry

Pretty cool self-taught manga-style artist – I like that he was going to be a diplomat before he decided to suddenly lock himself in a room for two years and learn how to draw. Amazing.

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Cherries! Originally uploaded by patchmonkey. The cherry fairy brought me fresh cherries at work today! And they came twice

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Cool Internet Tools

I’ve been looking for ways to bring my normal internet experiences with me, and not have to carry around anything extra. Well, thanks to Web 2.0 applications, more and more keeps becoming available! One of the latest ones I’ve been … Continue reading

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Snoopy Points

I’m so happy! 7-11 has started another Snoopy related promotion, so I plan on getting some nice Snoopy dishes for my apartment. Yes, you read that right. Snoopy dishes. See, here in Japan, everything is a promotional item. I have … Continue reading

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