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The Daily Show (Tuesday, Sept. 21)

Daily Kos: The Daily Show: Tuesday w/ Hannity poll Jon: Well, at the very least, is the government better prepared to deal with Rita then perhaps we were with Katrina? Rob: Absolutely Jon. Whatever they’re shortcomings in the past; the … Continue reading

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How To Fix Law School

(PS: While I was writing this, I managed to break the other theme, so here’s a new one. huzzah!) Matt Hoffman, of the [non]billable hour placed an excellent post up about how to fix law schools. By the way, I … Continue reading

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The Headlines of Katrina

Don’t forget to donate: Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation Some of the headlines capturing the depth of the devastation (borrowed from AmericaBlog: CRISIS BUILDS IN NEW ORLEANS — USA Today OUR TSUNAMI — NY Post DAMAGE TO ECONOMY IS DEEP AND … Continue reading

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