Nick in Japan: not because it is easy

This is fabulous. I kind of wish I had the time to do this while I’m still here. Making a pilgrammage to 88 temples is a very famous and ancient tradition here in Japan, and this man wrote about his experience doing it.

I’m kind of jealous. I don’t like travelling alone, and I think I’d be pretty miserable if I did end up doing this alone. But would I really want to do it with someone else? I dunno. I have a feeling that sometime soon I’m going to do the pilgrammage to all the shrines to the seven lucky gods in Kamakura. Not because I have to, but because I want to pay my respects and because it’s interesting. It’s not quite 88 temples, but it will be quite a day.

Nick in Japan: not because it is easy…

Without a doubt, this journey was my greatest physical accomplishment. There has never been a time where I demanded more from my body. For those who do not know Shikoku (and Japan), the island is really a never ending mountain range.

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