“You misjudge me,” said Chuang Tzu. “When she [his wife] died, I was in despair, as any man well might be. But soon, pondering on what had happened, I told myself that in death no strange new fate befalls us. In the beginning we lack not life only, but form. Not form only, but spirit. We are blended in the one great featureless indistinguishable mass. Then a time came when the mass evolved spirit, spirit evolved form, form evolved life. And now life in its turn has evolved death. For not nature only but man’s being has its seasons, its sequence of spring and autumn, summer and winter. If someone is tired and has gone to lie down, we do not puruse him with shouting and bawling. She whom I have lost has lain down to sleep for a while in the Great Inner Room. To break in upon her rest with the noise of lamentation would but show that I knew nothing of nature’s Sovereign Law. That is why I ceased to mourn.”

Goodbye, Pogo. I’ll miss you dearly, but as long as you’re in my thoughts you’ll never be far away.

On another, more lighthearted note, what’s with all this Ellen Feiss obsession? I just found out about it today, and the more I’ve been reading, the more I realize the average geek really is a pathetic loser. These guys have nothing better to do than sit around and fantasize about a 15 year old girl who appeared pretty well-baked on an Apple commercial? Give me a break! I do, however, find some of the images here quite amusing. I think this one’s my favorite:

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