Let's Give This Another Go…

I had this running for about fifteen minutes before I managed to break it while trying to restore my old posts. Let’s give it another go around, shall we?

UPDATE: I’ve managed to restore most of the old site – but it looks like some posts, here and there, were lost (mainly because there’s so many posts that the only real way to do this is a database import, but I don’t want to do that).

UPDATE 2: While the restoration went well, I have noticed that none of the old posts, are, for the moment, searchable. I’m not sure if this is a database issue or just something that will happen. They aren’t tagged either, so…

UPDATE 2.5: Now that all is working. Only I messed up the import – I meant to move all the posts from the old site under the name “pacchi.” But I was working too quickly, and therefore made a mistake. That’ll teach me!

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