My computer is a horrible piece of shit. I spent all day backing up files and reinstalling Windows and for nothing. My original purpose was to make my computer run like a normal one so that I could play that new Harry Potter game. I know that may not be the best reason to reformat, but it’s good enough for me. At any rate, I go through all this trouble and after installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, reuninstalling, and rereinstalling, my computer still crashes before the damn game can even get started. It would appear that I need a new video card. Not surprising since my machine is a whopping 3 years old and, as stated above, a piece of shit. Not that I can tell what kind of video card is currently in my computer or how many MHz it has since Windows ME (I know, I know…) doesn’t seem to like to tell you anything like that. You would think the MHz issue could be resolved by going into my lovely little “Computer Properties” window but Noooooooo. It’s not there. It’s not anywhere! Multiple people have looked and there’s been help over the phone. Still, I’ve no idea what my computer is running with.
AND. I spent two, count ‘em, TWO hours trying to get my computer to recognize that it was indeed connected to the internet by the big blue cable around the back that leads to the router. As far as stupid Poop Face, the computer, was concerned, the internet was no where to be found. (My network name was changed to Poop Face after today, actually.) Then my roommate came home and tried to help, and for at least another half hour was got nowhere. I was so desperate I even put a call into the rarely-spoken-to ex, who basically set up my whole computer a few years back. Eventually, through a series of trial and error, and a few ISP addresses, Jordan managed to get the thing going in the internet department, and God bless him for that. I was about to start throwing things through windows.
So. I got nothing done today. Nothing that i wanted to get done anyway. I didn’t read for musicology class, I didn’t really study my German, and I didn’t touch either of my mountains of books for my two history classes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t practice either. And I’ve got a wedding to play a week and a half from now (a whole ‘nother headache, I assure you). Fuck. I’m so screwed. And I need to call Yu-Hsin to borrow music for this stupid wedding. Gah. I hate people who call at the last minute for gigs, and then want to take your absolute lowest rate. Damnit. This is my job for christsake. Would this lady pay a plumber less than the bill just because she didn’t feel like paying him the whole amount? No, of course not. That’s not how it works with normal jobs. But musicians? It’s like they think you’re some type of damn public service. Rant, rant, rant, rant, rant.

Sorry that my rare post is one that’s so long and so angry. I’ll try to be more pleasant when I come back. But Patchmonkey was in need of a bit more angst. Jerry isn’t quite angsty enough.

And I’m 21. My page still says I’m 19…

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