I should be doing the homework I forgot to do…instead, here is a rant for your enjoyment. Well, not quite a rant, but a comment on community.

I recently went to (LiveJournal, as I read several online friend’s journals there. Now, you can mark certain entries private, so that only friends could read them. That’s cool. So I figured I’d click on “Create LiveJournal” and make an account, just so that they could add me as a friend and I could read that stuff.

Nu-uh. Doesn’t happen. You can either pay for it (which I’m not going to do. I have,,, etc., if I want to pay for something), or you can ask for an “Activation Code”. They claim that it helps maintain community, which I’m sure it does. But screw that. I’m not paying, and if I have to go beg for a code, I won’t. I’ve got my tight jams right here.

In the meantime, however, I should go do my homework.

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