Oh, also, my current projects list (and if any of you 1000+ people who visit my website want to help, that’s fine. Especially other contributors.):

Revamp onimedia.net,
Get gaijeans.com up and running. (BTW: Pictures from Japan),
Do well in Business Law, Careers stupid course, Finance, Management, and Japanese,
Get some new sections up on patchmonkey.net,
Work on this dating thing,
Read more Eastern Philosophy,
Learn to draw (by the way, Brian, you should scan your work and I’ll put it up here).

What should you do? Try being happy – do things to the ideal of Wei Wu Wei. “Do without doing.” From Wei Wu Wei comes the idea of Tzu Jan – “Self so”, meaning that things will happen by themselves. Overcome force by neutralizing it – don’t fight fire with fire.

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