Yay! Lets hear it for undoing years of work to balance the federal budget, and then…ooops, President Bush made a tax cut? Who was helped? Oh, big corporations? And now we need to bail them out?

Such BS. Next time, cut the $34 million dollars for pork belly packaging in georgia, and don’t cut taxes unnecessarily.

US budget surplus disappears

Oh, and to further the dislike I have for this administration’s policies, I rather enjoy my civil liberties and the separation of powers between the Executive, Judicial, and Congressional branches.

It’s not the terrorism bill that concerns me the most (it does), but I’m worried more about John “I’m Nearly a Nazi” Ashcroft and President Bush’s recent executive order (meaning that he didn’t consult Congress on it), enabling alleged terrorists to be tried in military tribunals, as well as removing lawyer-client confidentiality.

The order means that such courts would be able to impose sentences as severe as the death penalty on a two-thirds vote, hold trials in secret and rely on evidence that may be rejected in a civil court, as well as not being subject to judical review. This can’t be compared to Roosevelt, who had the support of the Supreme Court…and had a war.

President of the American Bar Association Robert Hirshon said in a statement issued on 9 November that “these new rules run squarely afoul of the fourth and sixth amendments to the US Constitution. The sixth amendment guarantees a right to counsel, but the new rules clearly violate that privilege, and therefore seriously impinge on the right to counsel.”

We have not declared war. There is no war. We are policing, we are fighting against terrorism – but we have no declaration against any country. We are back in Vietnam.

Fuck secrecy, fuck the racial profiling against Arabs and people of Arabic descent, and fuck terrorism – both here and abroad.

Keep yourself informed.

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