Still Alive


Technically, the blog is still alive. And I’m still alive.

But I suppose you’d say it’s on life support these days. I’m not doing much with it, I barely even use my patchmonkey (AT) patchmonkey (DOT) net email address anymore. I have three (3) subscribers to my newsfeed.

It’s actually pretty sad. A lot of things are these days. Back when I was in college (and it feels so old to say that) I could post constantly on here, and it would always be something new. But it’s not – life gets a lot less interesting and a lot more…well, not dismal, but not constantly exciting once you’re out of there.

Are there reasons? Of course. My current job – I’m a law clerk – keeps me from publishing or writing on nearly anything that could be considered related to the law. I can’t write anything that could be political or legal or business related…so I don’t write at all, outside of necessary things for work.

Very sad. But there’s other things in the way: my pictures are on flickr. Facebook is available now, and it’s a much easier way to keep in touch with my friends than this, which often served as an online diary in college. I’m not working in academia (and there are the restrictions I have because of my job as well).

You know what I hope, though? I hope things pick up again soon. I know I’ve posted a lot about this in the past few years, every time I think I’m going to get started again. And it’s probably going to be a false-start again. But I really don’t want this to die. It was a major part of my life for several years, and plenty of people keep blogging for years and years. So maybe I’ll just have to give it the old college try sometime soon.


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