Things In Japan, Part I

This is going to be a short series explaining some things in Japan that are very interesting.

Convenience Stores
Otherwise known as “conbini,” these are like your 7-11 or Wawa, but with one big difference. They are literally everywhere, provide all sorts of services, and actually have good food. For example, you can get all sorts of lunches and dinners there, pay your taxes or your phone bill, buy plane tickets or Disney passes, among other things.

Lunch Time
Lunch time is much nicer here. While there are lunch specials in the states, here in Japan there are serious specials. You can go to restaurants that would cost about $75/person at dinner time, and often the same meal is under $10 at lunchtime. FABULOUS!

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One Response to Things In Japan, Part I

  1. James says:

    good food for lunch, cup noodle for dinner: it’s the way to live.

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