Why can’t you pay attention anymore?

CNET News.com: Why Can’t You Pay Attention Anymore?

This is pretty interesting. It’s something I’ve been noticing with myself lately, and it’s called Attention Deficit Trait. Basically, ADT is kind of like normal ADD (to the extent that ADD is normal), only it is created by the modern world.

Dr. Edward Hallowell says that we’re so busy attending to so many inputs and outputs that we become increasingly distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless, and underachieving. “When people find that they’re not working to their full potential; when they know that they could be producing more but in fact they’re producing less; when they know they’re smarter than their output shows; when they start answering questions in ways that are more superficial, more hurried than they usually would; when their reservoir of new ideas starts to run dry; when they find themselves working ever-longer hours and sleeping less, exercising less, spending free time with friends less and in general putting in more hours but getting less production overall.”

I know that when I’m working, I get so innundated – IMs, phone calls, music, websites, e-mail, etc…this is somewhat valid. I might go meditate in Fairmont Park at the Japanese House sometime soon.

Go read it.

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