Law School Follies

Well, it’s about time I decided to update again. The past few weeks have been mad eventful.

George Bush’s approval rating continues to drop, which is wonderful. We’ll see how it goes through the RNC Convention.

Law school started. It’s going quite well so far – nearly everyone is friendly and good-natured, which is somehting I was a bit worried about. I’m glad it’s so nice like that. The work is a lot of work. I’m making an effort to stay ahead, so I’m trying to do my work at least two days ahead of schedule. I’m also studying about 10-12 hours a day, which I’ve been told it’s pretty much a good average time to study.

Law school is pretty much a lot of reading.

Susan linked me to a great site with inexpensive travel deals. It’s called 11th Hour Vacations. It’s pretty nice, provided that you find a location from which it is good to leave.

I can almost assure my few readers left that updates are going to become few and far between – possibly only on Sunday nights, if at all.

But I’ll be around. You can always e-mail or IM me!

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