Letters to Inanimate Objects: 2

Dear JDate,

When first we met, I thought you were a really good idea. “Wow”, I said, thouroughly impressed, “here’s a way for Jews from anywhere to meet other people, even if not only for dating!”

How wrong I was. See, JDate, while you’re a good idea, you are utterly flawed in practice. You cost too much – so much that people bypass your “e-mail” and “IM” systems by hiding their screennames and such in code in their profiles. And even if that wasn’t the case, you changed the one good thing about purchasing a membership – being able to contact other members. Now, in order for other members to be able to read when I e-mail them or something, they have to pay. It’s just not going to work, JDate. It doesn’t make sense!

And your internal IM system sucks. No doubt about it – you say people are “ONLINE” when, really, they’ve been off for days.

In any case, JDate, you’re stupid. You might help a few people meet, but in the end, you haven’t helped me. And those few people I have met or planned to meet have either been liars, frauds, or extremely uncool. Yes, that’s a risk I knew I’d have to take – but it’s really not something I have to keep putting up with.


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