The Whirlwind

So, I was reading through my friend Lauren’s Xanga, and I noticed that she had a link to Colorgenics above her “color profile”. So I took a bunch of the tests on the site:

Archetype Test:The Whirlwind
The whirlwind lives in the physical world; it receives its power from the machinations of the physical world and yet is not of the world. Its power comes from the whirlwind’s ability to sense how things might be and to proclaim this possibility with a great force and willingness to act.

Patterns of life leave traces in the mind of the whirlwind, which it uses to understand not only the present but the future as well. The whirlwind has a tendency to be romantic, and can often be an idealist. This sense of how the world can be is often expressed with self-deprecatory humor, which can alleviate some of the tensions that might arise from such idealism.

Are you a misunderstood genius?
You might feel like people aren?t quite up to your speed or in line with your thinking?being the smart and driven person that you are?but a ?misunderstood genius? you are not. You are ambitious and highly successful in your career and very clear on your directions and goals. You have plans, deadlines and meetings to attend. Watch out world, you and your palm pilot are ready to take it on!

What is your romantic outlook?
Happy Just Being Me: Even though you’re single, you are living your life to the fullest, open to relationships but not out scouting every weekend. Because of this, people are drawn to your independent spirit and it wouldn’t surprise any of us if you’re on the verge of a long-term, fulfilling relationship.

Hey, man! What’s your personal style?
You mix a sporty, ready-to-go look with clean-cut preppy classics. You are on the go, and your wardrobe reflects that. Clothes shopping is an afterthought and you would feel extremely out-of-place in a designer boutique or in a New York City high-end department store. That?s just not your style. You are a down-to-earth, easygoing guy who doesn?t set too much store in appearances.

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