Who cares? I mean, really…

Okay. Today didn’t start off too bad. I woke up, went to work, and left around noon to go to see my voiceover coach in NYC.

New York City, of course, is two hours away, but there’s something you should know about that. His name is Peter Rofe, and I just started working with him a few weeks back because he is supposed to be one of the best coaches out there. And he knows it, and he charges for it. But I was willing to pay for the best – he hooks his students up with casting directors, actors, producers, directors, etc.

So I go today, and we start off with a fun, light, character piece. And he tells me that I’m doing good with each one, and I’m thinking “Wow, I can do this stuff for real.” Comments keep coming “You’re doing a good job,” “That was okay, but you can do better,” and so on. We take a break for a few minutes so I can look over the next script he wants me to read, and we talk about Katsucon and his trip to Florida.

So I read the next script. I do it a couple of times, and I get “Not bad, not bad, good.” Now, I figured that that was a good thing. Apparently, it may not have been.

As I’m about to leave, he says “I don’t know if you should continue coming. You’re not really cut out for this sort of work. Your enunciation…I’m not sure if you have a chance in New York. Maybe in Philadelphia or Boston or DC, but I’m not sure about here. Let’s take two weeks, you think about it, work on some stuff on your own, and e-mail me if you want to keep going.” And then he hustles me out the door.

I’m still not exactly sure what he means. Does he mean that I’m really not cut out for it? Or is it the same thing artists get told, and musicians get told, and actors get told – in order to make them work harder and weed out those who wouldn’t make it?

In any case, it’s put me in a mood. Voiceover is something I really want to do, and I’m kind of bummed about what he said. My thought is that I will work on some stuff for the next two weeks, try setting up another appointment, and then seeing where it will go from there.


So I wandered around NYC for a bit, and then got on the train and just ranted to people. I think I get disappointed so rarely that it was okay, but I felt bad about taking up other people’s time with my ranting. I even apologized to Peter if I had been wasting his time as I paid him.

Whatever. So I got back to Cherry Hill two hours later, bought a Cambridge Executive QuickNotes planner and two silver Sharpies, with the intent of actually trying to schedule my life around the things I do every day and all.

What else do I have to do that I haven’t been keeping up on? I think I’m overloading myself, but I feel like I’m slacking if I don’t do some things now:

  • Guitar for at least 15 minutes each day
  • Studying Spanish every day
  • Re-learning Japanese
  • Writing the comic with Brian
  • Ever finishing justiceandfries.com
  • Finding new friends and/or romance
  • Framing my diploma and the pretty painting Andy Lee did for me
  • Figuring out my taxes and doing my FAFSA forms

The worst part is that I think I’m forgetting things from that list. Le Sigh!

I suppose I should get cracking on something…

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when I got off the train today after going to NYC, and some girl was handing out free samples of KY Warming Jelly. I just took one, said “Thank you”, and then I realized what was in my hand. It was somewhat surreal.

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