The Twelfth Monkey

Okay, I’ll talk about Katsucon a little later (scroll down about 2 inches), but I wanted to do some crazy shout-outs to some cool stuff I’ve seen on the web lately.

First off, the beautiful Raquel (Moku) has made beautiful art, so go look at it. It’s all at her deviantart page, which is great.

The other amusing thing is the “How to Date and Blog” help file from That’s wonderful.


Here goes…

Wednesday: Left work early, headed down to Maryland to chill with the College Park people. Met up with this girl from the internet, which was nice, then got dinner and chilled with Attia for a little while.

Headed back to the Dark House, and hung out with my friends as well as played some Final Fantasy X-2.

Thursday: Woke up, packed up, talked to people, and went into Fairfax, VA, to meet Jen for lunch. After lunch, drove the wrong way into Virgina for 40 minutes and then turned around to head towards Washington/Arlington. Apparently the map said “turn right” where it meant to say “turn left”.

Got to the convention to help with set-up around 3:30PM. Met up with some of the guests (I was working guest relations), and then just checked things out and helped load in. Was going to go back to CP to sleep for the night, but instead Booj (from IRC) and Dave (from Paradox Lost let me stay in their room.

Friday through Sunday: Woke up early, and met up with Mike and Michelle Coleman, Fred Perry, and Newton Ewell, who were my assigned guests, and very cool people.

Basically, that was my job during the con – to run around and take care of the guests.

I met up with Jes, Matt, and Ian of Machall, in whose room I was staying the rest of the convention, Vaz and Doc from Underpower, and Hawk and Ananth from Applegeeks. All of those people were also cool.

Katie Bair, who draws Ninja High School, was also there, and I got a chance to help Andy Lee, who is a big-shot comic artist and an incredible painter also.

After that, basically, I just ran around constantly until Sunday doing Guest Relations. It’s a difficult but enjoyable job, and it taught me a few lessons I had not learned in prior years:

  • Don’t drink during the convention. If you must drink, drink it slowly and take your time.
  • Sleep during the convention, otherwise, delirium sets in.
  • See your friends and talk and hang out with them.
  • Don’t get in fights with little pink electronic toys.

That’s basically my convention. Everyone was more or less excellent, and the worst part is that I don’t remember a lot of things because I was being sleep deprived. Not letting that happen again.

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