Super Bowl Commercial Review

I didn’t really care much about the game, although I was pleased to see that those damn Panthers lost and the Patriots won. Maybe one day a major Philly team will actually get to go to a championship, and win.

Anyway, here goes the commercial run down (remember that overall, the commericals weren’t that great. “Good” this year is equivalent to “Fair” or even “Poor” a few years ago.):

PIZZA HUT: With the Muppets and Jessica Simpson: Very Good

FORD: The GT commercial that ran after the coin toss: Originally fair, but changed once the warning message appeared and was “Clearly a professional driver on a closed track.” Very Good

Budweiser/Bud Light:
1) Dog in Crotch to get beer – Fair
2) Body Treatment with the guy from Kings of Comedy – Good
3) With the referre – Good
4) Horses and the donkey that wants to be a horse – Good
5) The horse and carriage, where the horse sets the girl on fire – Good
6) Talking monkey hits on girl – Very Good

FedEx: Jenkins is an alien – Very Good

Dodge Magnum: Man has a monkey on his back, gets rid of it by buying a Magnum – Excellent

1) Bears kill guy, look for Pepsi. Goes to 7-11 to buy Pepsi with check, shows guys ID – Very Good
2) I Fought The Law free music downloads – Very Good
3) Biz Markie – Good

Shick – Same ol’ 4 Blades commercial. – Fair

AOL Top Speed:
1) Motorcycle takes off into the sky – Excellent
2) Scooter goes way fast – Excellent
3) Car goes into the past – Excellent
(AOL wins the best commercials of the Super Bowl Award) Alarm clocks and then two guys meet for an interview – Good

Sierra Mist:
1)Scottish Marching Bagpipe man, with one player a la Marylin Monroe – Very good
2) Guy dives off balcony into pitcher of Sierra Mist – Good

Mitsubishi: Throwing things out of the back of a truck to test response times – Good (lost points for having to see the result online)

Charmin: Safest for your end zone – Very good

Linux: bald white kid and “The Champ” – Good

Visa: Volleyball in the middle of winter, on the beach. (I think this was Visa) – Good

Chevy SSR: All the kids with soap in their mouths for saying “Holy Shit” after seeing the SSR – Excellent

Staples – Supplies clerk gets shut down by “mafiso” accompanying another employee. – Excellent

Honda Pilot – Man raised by wolves has wife who loves Pilot’s features. – Very good

Mastercard – Homer uses his Mastercard everywhere. Gets annoyed by announcer. – Excellent

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