Brian, you’re missing the point.

The president is referring to those people who are asking “Why did we go to war?” as revisionist historians – these people aren’t saying the Holocaust didn’t happen or that Iraq didn’t exist, they’re going “Why did we do what we did? What actually happened?” In other words, they’re behaving like historians should!

What the president is implicating is that anyone who tries to figure out the events and the rationale leading to the war in Iraq is a revisionist historian – making up facts. They’re revising and updating and researching history – not rewriting it or making it up. There’s a difference between the two.

The attachment of the label of “revisionist history” is an attempt to blackhole these historians who are exploring what happened. Perhaps they’d be better called historians – because that’s what they’re doing, recording and researching history. Without such “revisions” occuring, we’d still beleive that the textile industry and railroads drove 19th century America (they didn’t) and that we popped out in 7 days.

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