Airborn 16: uhhhh intersting?
MaddxHattr: Geez, stop being so Long Island.
Airborn 16: omg!! i’m like totally sorry….or something….
MaddxHattr: Wow, you go native real fast.
MaddxHattr: Like, so, was your hair okay today?
MaddxHattr: Did you get your, like, bagel and, like, lox, like this morning, while tawking to your mawm?
Airborn 16: omg my hair just wouldnt behave itself today!!
Airborn 16: i like made it straight and it like started frizzing
Airborn 16: and no i don teat bagels om g too many calories!!!
Airborn 16: i like wont fit into my size 1 pants!!!and then like my bf will dump me and like my life willl end!!!
Airborn 16: omg!!!!!
Airborn 16: ok i’ll stop :-)

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