CyberLD 1: you gonna be around on saturday the 11th?
MaddxHattr: Um…
MaddxHattr: Sure.
MaddxHattr: I’ll be in Maryland, if that’s what you’re asking.
CyberLD 1: yes, that’s what i meant
CyberLD 1: i’m leaving for home saturday morning, and i have something to give you so i figured i would stop by
CyberLD 1: since if i remember correctly i won’t see you before i have to come back to school for the summer
MaddxHattr: Well, when are you doing your forest thing?
MaddxHattr: And what about Otakon?
CyberLD 1: that’s true
CyberLD 1: but technically i’m still right, because both of those are after i go back to school for the summer ;-)
MaddxHattr: Oh.
MaddxHattr: Right.
MaddxHattr: Yeah, I’ll be here then.
MaddxHattr: It’s not a swift kick in the rear, is it?
MaddxHattr: A bunch of people have offered that, but I keep having to decline.
CyberLD 1: nope, it’s not that
CyberLD 1: i don’t know if you’ll ever use it, but i still found it rather amusing
MaddxHattr: w00!
MaddxHattr: a condom1
CyberLD 1: haha
CyberLD 1: funny guess, but no :p

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