I’ve been thinking about summer. I have some plans.

I’d like to spend some weekends at the Jersey shore with my friends.
I’d like to try and learn some bass guitar (I mean, it only has four strings, how hard could it be?)
I have to work. (I’ll work for my dad, as usual.)
I want to see if I can actually write this book I’ve been planning.
I’d like to work with GodForsaken Productions to make some film(s). (I have one storyboarded in my head!)
I want to spend some nights at bars, talking to beautiful women and taking them home.
I’d like to sit on the roof of my house and stare up at the sky and wonder whether the stars was made, or just happened
I want to buy that digital camera, finally.
I’d like to keep up with my Japanese, even though I’m not taking it next year.
I want to shrink my stomach and my chest. (Again…)
I want to come up with a plan for after I graduate. That might be good.

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