Yes,yes,yes, I know I should post more. But I have my reasons – honest, I do!

Actually, right now I’m sitting in the library attempting to finish an archaeology paper so that I can study for my organic chemistry test tomorrow. Fun, eh? Err, no. I meant to take some of it with me when I stayed at my roomate’s house for the Easter break, but I should’ve realized I had no chance in hell of getting any work done.

Other than that life’s just peachy. In between my job, internship, and attempting to get schoolwork done I’ve been watching the Kenshin TV series – sweet Jebus, it kicks some serious ass. Of course, the fact that it’s 95-odd 25-minute episodes long seriously detracts from the already limited time I have to get work done.

Oh well – at least school’s almost over. But wait – I get to go to summer school too! Shit.

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