MaddxHattr: Hmm…what’s today’s news?
MaddxHattr: Ah…We’re going to start a war with Russia.
CyberLD 1: heh yeah – good ol’ bush is gonna bring back the cold war
CyberLD 1: woohoo!
MaddxHattr: We need an enemy!
MaddxHattr: We need something else to focus on so that we don’t notice our own government’s underhanded motives!
CyberLD 1: haha true
MaddxHattr: Let’s go, GW!
MaddxHattr: You’re only going to get one term, anyway!
CyberLD 1: oh definitely – he’s already ruining any chance he has at re-election
MaddxHattr: Oh, god…A return of the cold war between 2 democracies would be wonderful!
CyberLD 1: although it wouldn’t be much of a war with the pitiful state russia’s in now
CyberLD 1: i think a war with china sounds good, though
MaddxHattr: I say just nuke everyone. Let the cockroaches take over.
CyberLD 1: i agree
MaddxHattr: I’ll be hiding out in Antarctica, waiting for the Second Impact.
CyberLD 1: i thought you didn’t watch nge
MaddxHattr: I don’t.
CyberLD 1: …
MaddxHattr: That doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on.
CyberLD 1: hah
MaddxHattr: And…woowee…Man, that Rei is a babe!
CyberLD 1: uh huh

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